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Thu, Aug 14 2014 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Advanced Analytics: Excel Solver


Advanced Analytics: Excel Solver

Industry analysts are now talking about ‘advanced analytics’ methods, such as optimization, as the next big thing: Go beyond slicing and dicing, analyzing, or even predicting from data, to making better decisions from data, and allocating resources more efficiently. But optimization is what Solver has offered Excel users for 24 years. So what’s new? How about Solver App in Excel Online? Solving huge models, with hundreds of thousands of decisions, using data pulled in via Power Query and Power Pivot? Performing risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation in Excel, then optimizing decisions in the presence of uncertainty? Learn what Solver is good for, and what ‘advanced analytics’ is really all about, from someone who’s been doing it for many years.

Dan Fylstra was the architect of the Excel Solver, and is founder and president of Frontline Systems (, an ISV offering a complete set of data mining, optimization and simulation tools for advanced Excel users, and Windows and Web application developers. Ten years before the Excel Solver, he was deeply involved in the creation of VisiCalc, the very first spreadsheet program for the Apple II. He has an MBA from Harvard and a BS in EE/CS from M.I.T.