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New Webinar Series on August 16th Presented in Partnership with Excel TV - Register Now!

Join us on Tuesday August 16th for our upcoming webinar series with Excel TV. Excel TV is partnering with the PASS Excel BI VC to bring you four back-to-back 1-hour webinars live! Learn to  create outstanding spreadsheet modules, clean your data,  create effective dashboards and understand how Excel Tables can make your life easier.

This webinar series will be taking place on August 16th, starting at 17:00 UTC. Register for each session by following the links below.

Creating Outstanding Spreadsheet Models
Presented by Jordan Goldmeier
Tuesday August 16th, 17:00 UTC
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Making Informed Decisions: Guidelines for Creating an Effective Dashboard
Presented by Rick Grantham
Tuesday August 16th, 18:00 UTC
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Ten Great Reasons to Use Excel Tables
Presented by Szilvia Juhasz
Tuesday August 16th, 19:00 UTC
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Intro to Data Cleansing with Get & Transform (Power Query)
Presented by Oz Du Soleil
Tuesday August 16th, 20:00 UTC
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Next Meeting

Tue, Aug 16 2016 17:00 UTC

Creating Outstanding Spreadsheet Models


Creating Outstanding Spreadsheet Models

Presented by Jordan Goldmeier This is an hour-long discussion on creating outstanding spreadsheet models in which I propose three conceptual points to optimize: layout and design, code and formulas, and presentation. I will go through each topic and provide you with directives to build better spreadsheet models. Most importantly, you will develop the tools and confidence necessary to apply these principles across spreadsheet models in all fields.

Jordan is an internationally recognized spreadsheet and data visualization expert, author, producer, and Excel MVP. He is the owner of Cambia Factor, a data consulting agency and the author of Advanced Excel Essentials. Jordan challenges companies to rethink how they use their data by focusing on returning value rather than acquiring and implementing new technology. He has consulted with and provided training for the North American Treaty Alliance, the United States Air Force and Navy, the Pentagon, the University of Cincinnati, Financial Times, and others.