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Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks for Analysis Service Multidimensional Cubes - Thursday, January 15, 2015

Excel 2013 Tips and Tricks for Analysis Service Multidimensional Cubes

Microsoft has created new features in Excel over the past releases that have brought the most used desktop “reporting” application to be a full-featured BI reporting tool for Analysis Services Multidimensional cubes. This session will be filled with demos of these new features with very few slides. Concentrating on Pivot Tables, the cube will be enhanced visually with graphs and dashboards.


After this session, you will be running back to your desk to implement some of the smaller tips and tricks that make such a difference once you know where they are. Creating cool dashboards using color enhanced background will become second nature and help focus attention to areas of data. The new Timeline object makes you breathe a sigh of relief about report filtering by dates. Slicers will give you clues of what data is present. Indicators, data-driven formatting, and sparklines focus attention on what is important to the viewed data set.

 Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc

Thomas LeBlanc is a Data Warehouse Architect in Baton Rouge, and uses his 25 years in IT to help develop OLTP systems with normalized databases for high-performing T-SQL and end-to-end dimensional data marts using SSIS, SSAS, PPS, and Excel. His SQL Server certifications include MCSA 12, MCITP 08 BI and DBA, MCITP 2005 DBA, and MCDBA 2000. As a PASS volunteer, he is a past chair of Data Arch VC and is a VC Mentor, helped Baton Rouge User Group with four SQLSaturdays, and is active in @BRSSUG.